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About Patient Education

Orthopedic Web Based Patient Education

  • Reviewed by leading orthopedic surgeons, our content provides your patients with current and accurate information.
  • The education library includes over 85 web pages of educational topics relating to orthopedic conditions and treatments. Each topic is displayed in an easy-to-understand format, which includes video, animation, and illustrations. Patients will conveniently access this information through your website to learn more about their condition, treatment, or procedure.
  • Our annual subscription service gives you full access to our entire library. You may choose to integrate our entire library to your website or choose only the topics that are relevant to your practice. Additionally, our library is routinely updated with the latest advancements in orthopedic surgery, which is automatically updated to your website.
  • Every aspect of the installation, customization, and integration is handled by our experienced team of designers and programmers. Our web designers will customize the color scheme and style of our educational content to match your existing website. Our experienced IT team and programmers will install our patient education content to function within the programming language of your existing website, and integrate navigation links to your homepage.
Patient Ed Topics

All Ortho Patient Ed content is reviewed by our Advisory Board of leading orthopedic surgeons.